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Transformation Of State and Society in Turkey

By - Tezel, Yahya Sezai

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Turkey is probably at the heart of the 'modern Islamic problem'. Together with that of Japan, Turkish history constitutes one of the most worthwhile to study experiment of coping with the problem of living in a 'West' dominated world as 'non Westerner'. The Turkish 'modernising' reforms which started in early 18th century and gained momentum in the 19th century, culminated in the so called 'Kemalist' political and cultural 'revolution' that established a 'West oriented' Republic. Many faithful muslims in Turkey and other parts of the Islamic word saw this process as blasphemy. Turkey of our days makes a thrilling reading because the fate of this 'radical cultaral revolution' is still uncertain. If it settles as a success case in the sense of a stable political and cultaral consensus which integrates, 'democtatically', a nation of about milion people, it will permanently influence the fate of the rest of the Islamic woes. For an 'outsider' wishing to 'read' the puzzling complexities of comtemporary Turkish society, the 'story' of the Ottoman-Turkish venture of attempt at 'transformation' in order to cope with the problem of 'living' in a 'West dominated' world can be be insteresting and rearding. The book tells the story of this 'transformation'.

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Tezel, Yahya Sezai

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: 2010
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: 9944889285

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