The Neolithic in Turkey, Euphrates Basin - Vol. 2

By - Basgelen, Nezih - Kuniholm, Peter Ian - Ozdogan, Mehmet -

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  • The Pre Pottery Site of Cafer Hoyuk - Jasques Cauvin, O. Aurenche, Marie Claire Cauvin, Nur Balkan-Atli
  • Gobekli Tepe - Klaus Schmidt
  • The Urfa Region - Herald Hauptmann
  • Sanliurfa - Yenimahalle - Bahattin Celik
  • Akarcay Tepe, A PPNB and Settlement in Middle Euphrates-Urfa - Mihriban Ozbasaran, Gunes Duru
  • Mezraa -Teleilat - Mehmet Ozdogan
  • Addendum to Mezraa -Teleilat - Necmi Karul
  • Botanical Evidence For The Adaption of Cultivation in Southhest Turkey - George Willcox, Manon Savard

About Author

Basgelen, Nezih

Nezih Basgelen is a prominent figure in the world of near-eastern archaeology. In Turkey and abroad, to those who know his name is synonymous with the fight to preserve historical sites, with the organization of cultural tours to ancient places, with extensive archeological research and publishing projects. In I978 he founded Turkey's first popular publication in his field entitled Archeology And Art Magazine. The bimonthly has just published its 87th issue. 

In I982 he went on to establish Archeology and Art as a publishing company focusing on Turkey's rich historical heritage from the time of pre-history and antiquity onwards. In the form of guides, hand books, catalogs, research papers and photobooks, the company has produced some 300 core titles covering 21 separate categories of publishing. In 1986 N. Basgelen founded the Celsus Picture Library to help in the visual and archival documentation of Turkey's natural and historical treasures. The service also functions as a register of Treasures that have, in one way or another, found their way abroad. To heighten awareness among the young, he publishes a variety of children's coloring books with ancient motifs. With the same ultimate goals in mind, he has directed and personally led cultural and educational tours to ancient places, exposing thousands of people to sites where no other tourist programs exist. He has endeavored to change things through his writings, conferences, publications and public appearances both at home and abroad.

From Thrace to Anatolia, in particular remoter parts of Eastern Anatolia, he has uncovered and documented numerous hitherto unknown sites, gradually building a thorough and highly respected archive for public use. In the process he amassed a collection of rare and original travelbooks, maps, graphic prints, old postcards and other source material. To date, Nezih Basgelen's pieces on archeology, etnography, art history, tourism and other such topics number close to a thousand.

Kuniholm, Peter Ian

Ozdogan, Mehmet

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: 2011
: 0
: 9786053961512

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