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School for Gladiators Discovered in Vienna
Cathyrn Cobbe
A massive school for gladiators has been found in Vienna, Austria. The school - or ludus - is thought to have been built at the same time as the nearby amphitheater, near the River Danube settlement of Carnuntum. Commodus Aurellius – his name made widely known by the modern movie Gladiator – is thought to have seen his first gladiator matches in the amphitheater in Carnuntum.
Archaeologists determined the huge structure to be a school after finding such features as a wooden training dummy and a mini-amphitheater, where it is thought that the gladiators may have practiced their moves; or, where buyers may have watched their performance. Next to the training complex stood a paddock or walled compound where archaeologists posit that wild animals may have been kept for combat or that horses may have been trained. It has been noted that this is a feature that has never appeared at any previously-discovered ludus.

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